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SET Techs is seeking up to 100 field techs in > IT Networking, Computers, Fiber Optics and Low Voltage Technicians in Florida (only).
* IT Networking Techs - are required to have formal training or experience in the field of networking, satellite/tv, cctv, digital signage, telecom and datacom.
* Fiber Optic Techs – are required to hold a certification or have experience in resolving and repairing fiber optics systems to ensure that they work properly, examine and replace faulty fiber optic cables, splicing and rectifying fiber optic problematic areas.
* Computer Techs – are required to hold a certification and/or have experience in computer repairing, creating and maintaining computer networks, servers building, configuring new hardware, installing and updating new software packages.
* Low Voltage Techs - are required to hold a certification for installing alarm systems, security systems and fire alarms, to assist and safeguard our clients, customers, and partner’s businesses.
Your experience will help us to provide the highest quality and service to those we serve and continually provide the quality of service they’ve come to expect. If you have the training and/or experience described; We would love the opportunity to discuss with you, why joining SET Techs would be an exciting journey, as we both build and grow together in offering the highest level of customer service, responsiveness and quality of work!
At SET Techs, you are not just a field technician on a service dispatch, you are a valued FieldStaff™. We understand the importance of building a strong relationship and having trusted FieldStaffs throughout Florida.
On a case-by-case basis, traveling for assignments outside of Florida maybe requested; however our primary focus is to offer top notch on-demand service and support in every city and county throughout Florida, before we officially expand beyond our state’s regions.
From our headquarters in South FL., we stay in touch with you to see what’s happening, because you are our eyes and ears in the field!
You will also be given access to our Get SET™ portal where you will be able to see available job opportunities in your area(s) and keep track of all your already scheduled work orders.
Our Get SET™ portal allows our FieldStaffs to see their schedule, look over service requests, submit onsite deliverables, submit work order notes, get directions to sites from their current location, invoice for work already completed, and much more… New features are constantly being developed for efficiency to give you a more pleasant user experience.
We look forward to having you as part of our team of FieldStaffs - Become a Valued FieldStaff ™